Enugu Marathon 2018

Running provides an efficient full-body workout, burns a ton of calories, tones the body, provides a great venue for socializing, and improves emotional well-being. Touted as one of the most important aspects of endurance training programs, the long run is non-negotiable when it comes to preparing for a marathon.  Both within and outside of the running and walking communities, marathons are high profile events. They represent health and fitness, internal drive, perseverance, dreams and accomplishment! Our mission is to serve runners, walkers, and our community through a fun, safe, and scenic event — one that is a good value to participants and positive for the community. Our event is designed to draw participants of all abilities, ages, ethnic backgrounds, runners, walkers.


Sport and tourism have joined forces to build an internationally competitive sport tourism industry, with a major economic impact, appreciated in most civilian societies and increasingly appreciated by governments. Major sport events are often recognised for their ability to generate significant economic benefits for the destination/ host city. The hosting of events in general and sport events specifically has revealed a number of potential benefits.


It is an experience comprised of many different participants. These include the athletes, the spectators, the officials and the media. Moreover, sport tourism is an experience that offers business and or pleasure opportunities not only to those mentioned, but also to the local residents hosting the sporting activity or the event. Sport tourism is now a tool to achieve many things for example to make money and to create thousands of jobs.

Job Creation

Potential Benefits such as the creation of infrastructure, investment, marketing, curbing seasonality, tax generation, positive psychic income, enhancing community image, job creation, generation of revenue, promotion of sport, health and fitness, creating local entertainment, enhancing community pride, urban regeneration, regional development,  poverty alleviation and increased tourist flow are just a few.

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